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25-5-2018 08:44
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25-5-2018 19:30
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25-5-2018 20:00
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25-5-2018 21:00
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26-5-2018 03:18
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26-5-2018 05:34
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26-5-2018 07:45
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26-5-2018 08:24
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I'm very tall and I weigh 170lbs.I have always
been really shy about my height.I am a humble
Texas girl!I kind of have to be.Life up until now
has been very hard for me.One day a
friend mentioned Kai Lee to me and the rest is
history.We hit it off immediately.Believe it or
not I worked in a sandwich shop before approaching
Kai about the adult business.She looked at me
like I was insane.She immediately told me that we
needed to go shopping and hit the gym. First day
we meet the cameras started rolling.I could not
believe how much she did in one day. 4/29/2013

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